Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Got (Organic) Milk?

My daily tip from (which I highly recommend for anyone that wants tips on how to be more eco-smart/friendly) arrived this morning with a skincare tip I hadn't realized ...

Most folks know that organic milk is obtained from cows which have not been given hormones or antibiotics, but did you know that organic milk has higher levels of vitamins A & E & antioxidants that regular milk, which give your skin a 'beauty boost' ?

In addition, your body benefits from organic milk too. Organic milk from pasture fed cows can decrease risk of heart disease & diabetes due to organic milk from pasture fed cows has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs)

I'm assuming this carries over to organic cheese & ice cream also... yummm! Just think, next time you indulge in that pint of organic triple chocolate cherry chunk ice cream, it's not about what it will do to your hips, it's about the added glow it will add to your complexion.

Now for you lactose intolerant folks, I'll be back soon with the benefits of soy...

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