Friday, June 29, 2007

The Newest Anti-Aging Miracle

The Fountain of Youth? Miracle in a bottle?
Or the wonders of modern technology??

Well, whether it’s skin science or hype, the English are getting in line to find out. Retailers in the U.K. can’t keep Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum in stock. It claims to produce younger looking skin in 4 weeks. 4 weeks to younger skin? I’m in!

The product was featured on the BBC’s Horizon science program (or at the English say, programme) as having been “scientifically proved that it repairs photo-aged skin and improves the fine wrinkles associated with photo-ageing.” ( Photo-aged skin, for those of you that don’t know means (mostly) sun damage (the leading cause of wrinkles/ aging in the majority of the population of humankind).

Can you imagine? Every British woman over 20 who watched that episode of Horizon must have been in line at the Boots Pharmacy 20 minutes later. I wonder if there are any statistics for traffic following such revelations.

According to an article I found at Boots sold 160,000 bottles of the new ‘potion’ in one weekend, and has had to limit customers to 1 bottle per person. They even handed out tickets to women in line to reserve product. I’m picturing mobs like for the Nintendo Wii release.

The No.7 serum claims to do what all it's competition does…smoothes lines & wrinkles, as well as reducing appearance of pores using all the usual…anti-oxidants, pro-retinol, etc. What makes it different? I can’t really seem to figure it out... except that it's been scientifically proven.
Anyone have any further news? Any speculations?
Did I mention that it’s less than $40? Approx $33 to be exact (I know, oxymoron… but we are talking fluctuating rates here, friends). Who knew the fountain of youth was going to be so cheap?

The only problem seems to be that the company can only manufacture 20,000 bottles/week. With demand so great in the UK, when oh when will we see it here in the U.S.? So, I’m currently taking donations for a flight to London ;)…I’ll even bring you back one too.

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