Monday, May 28, 2007

The #1 Product for Anti-Aging...

Yes, sunscreen is the #1 product for anti-aging.
Last week my step-father had some minor surgery. While Mom & I were in the waiting room, I picked up a copy of WebMD Magazine. Lo & behold, there was an article on my favorite topic...anti-aging.
The article was based on a Consumer Reports study (you know they always have all the answers). They tested all of the anti-aging products out there & found, as I've always known, that price has nothing to do with the effectiveness of anti-aging products. They determined that most of those anti-aging products have little to no effect on reversing signs of aging. However, the line that showed the best performance was none other than Olay's Regenerist. Yes, folks, the drugstore line wins... more proof that you don't need to spend $250 on the proclaimed Creme de la Creme to have the best skin you possibly can. I've noticed over the last few months that Regenerist has won several awards (SAGA Best Moisturizer, NACDS for best facial peel & best night moisturizer, Fashion Magazine, Shape, Allure Reader's Choice Awards, Beauty Awards, etc etc...even their most recent eye derma-pods, which are very cool & I just bought last week, have won packaging awards) now I understand why. My mother, who's used everything from the cheapest to the most expensive skin care lines, even pointed out Regenerist eye serum when we were recently at Sam's Club. She exclaimed, "if you ever need a great eye product, you should use that stuff!" Mom is apparently unaware that I'm always in search of the perfect eye cream/serum. Thanks, Mom!

For those of you interested in trying Regenerist, you can go to to sign up for a couple of free samples. You can also find more product info on Regenerist at .

According to the Consumer Reports report, Regenerist is followed by Lancome Renergie & Roc Retin Ox in terms of effectiveness.

However, despite these being the best, Sandra Ronnif of Consumer Reports states it like it is, saying that there is no such thing as a face lift in a jar. The best way to prevent wrinkles is to stay out of the sun.
If you can't do that (which many of us that need to walk down the street cannot) please make sure you use sunscreen. I suggest using no less than SPF30..and remember, if your moisturizer has SPF15 & your foundation has SPF25, your maximum SPF protection is 25, not 40. Also, in facial moisturizers & foundations, you don't really get the full SPF coverage it advertises (I'll get in to why this is on another day), so using a sunscreen product made for faces is really the best way to protect your face.
Shiseido makes a great facial & body sunscreens with SPF55 which protects against both UVA & UVB rays & are sweat resistant & very water resistant. These are the products I took to Ghana when I knew I'd be spending hours in the sun building homes, and they actually worked. Neutrogena & Skinceuticals also make great sunscreen products. If you want to spend alot of money, I particularly love Natura Bisse's suncare line, but Neutrogena is my cheaper fill in ;). Oh, and as a reminder, please don't use sunscreen meant for your body on your face..the molecules for body lotion are bigger than your facial skin cells & they will not be absorbed properly & can also clog your skin. They also sometimes have ingredients you don't really want to put on your face.

Oh, and please don't forget to eyecream..there are eye creams with SPF in them as well..actual sunscreen products. Shiseido also makes one of these w/ an SPF32. Please please use a sun protection product on your eyes... you know this is the most fragile skin on your body & it has no moisture glands...therefore, the sun can do more damage in this area. Just be careful not to get this in your eyes.

For those of you who love to soak up the sun & love that bronzed tan look, I wish I could show you photos of my mother's body. She probably spent years out of her life in the sun. At 74, she is gorgeous, but her body (& face) is covered with sun spots, and she's had more 'spots' removed than I can count on hands & feet. While I love the sun, I've learned from my's just not worth it. I plan to live a long time & I plan to look like I'm 80 when I'm 100.. shouldn't we all?

Well, as the summer "season" arrived this past weekend with the advent of Memorial Day, I'll leave you reminding you to take your hats & umbrellas to the beach...and your SPF70 sunscreen... or be prepared bear the deeply lined consequences (in about 5-20 years from now).

(By the way, Regenerist plans on expanding their product line this summer. Could they possibly be launching a sunscreen line as well?)

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