Friday, June 27, 2008

Drinking Your Skincare

Last night I was given a bottle of Borba Skin Balance Water.

Honestly, I had tried these a few years ago and thought they were "ok, but pretty expensive" ($3.00/bottle).

Today I am drinking Borba's Replenishing water with Lychee Fruit. As a lychee lover, my first reaction is, "YUM!" My second reaction is, "Wait! How many calories are in this sucker??!!" and the answer is: NONE! Borba seems to have improved their products....I mean I would grab one of these babies to quench my thirst even if it didn't do any of the below wonderful things for me:

This drink is:

*Calorie free
*Aspartame free
*Preservative free
*Sodium free
*Carb free

and made with natural flavorings (yes, these are made with fruit solids...although you can see or feel any solids).

As I look at this list of what it DOES contain, I'm impressed with many of the ingredients:

*Magnesium Gluconate
*Vitamin E Acetate
*Green Tea Extract
*Flaxseed Powder
*Vitamin A Palmitate
*Grape Seed Extract
*Zinc Picolinate

Borba's labeling tells me that this Replenishing drink provides nutrients intended to diminish dryness, sensitivity, and roughness.

Borba makes 3 other drinks for different skin needs:

*Age Defying (with Acai for aging skin, fine lines, & wrinkles. Does anybody over 20 out there 'not' need this?)
*Clarifying (with Pomegranate for oily skin, clogged pores, and impurities)
*Firming (with Guanabana fruit for elasticity, smoothness & resilience...I probably need to be drinking this by the caseload considering elasticity & sagging are my biggest, generically inherited concerns)

And if $36.00 (+ shipping) for a case of 12 bottles of Borba seems expensive, they have the crystalline packettes (you know, just like those Crystal Light ones) for $100 for a box of 60. That's 'almost' half price (and much less shipping).

I can't afford to drink these on a regular basis to see if they really can/will make a difference in my skin in the long run, but I bet they would. I would (and will) also choose these as a cold refreshing, no calorie, no preservative option to a sugary soda or flavored water on a hot sunny day anytime!

When checking out Borba's website today, I also see they've come out with topical applications of their products... now where do I get some samples of those?


Jody Stroman said...

Wow that is amazing. An anti aging product that prevent signs of aging and not only that, it also contains yummy flavor. Thanks for that information.

Alpha said...

I bought the skin water balance yesterday at War green, the one made of Lychee fruits. drink it, less 5mins got major allergic reaction all over my body!! the itching and swelling, used Wal-dryl medicine, it's just comes it down for a while then the itch and swelling started again. Now I am real scaring they are telling me to go to the ER and I don't have any insurance!! Not a good product at all!!