Thursday, January 17, 2008

C&M Couples for Valentine's Day

As we approach Valentine's Day, have you started thinking about what to give your significant other?

Are you in a hot, steamy relationship that needs a little more excitement? Or are you one of the many who have lost that original fire that once existed between the two of you? Either way, we could all benefit from C&M Couples by Life Elements.

C&M Couples is a line of high-quality, all-natural, aromatherapy based bath and body products for couples to help them create a romantic atmosphere.

These are not your average, low quality couples products in cheap, tacky packaging, but instead high-quality, natural products in sophisticated fragrances and packaging. They are carried in 4 & 5 star hotels & spas around the country... and coming soon to a location near you. (I also hear they are going to be featured in American Spa's February 2008 issue... cool!)

C&M Couples' travel set, in a sleek little silver lunch box, is the bomb... take it anywhere: throw it in your suitcase, trunk, picnic basket, keep one at the summer house, and so on and so on.

The line consists of products in 2 fragrances:

Inspire Romance: Essential oils of fruit, herbs, and spice, plus calming accents of lavender, frankincense, bergamot and more. This one is my favorite

Create Passion: Rich, warm and sensuous with hints of spices, fragrant flowers, and fruit, along with exotic notes of ylang ylang, black pepper, ginger and more.

Both are so nothing you have ever smelled before...prepare your nose for a scent scintillation.

Every product has a different scent and they layer together to create the whole experience.


First you light the candle in your bedroom (say perhaps after a romantic dinner &/or a bottle of champagne) and spray your linens with the Linen Mist.

Then go take a long hot bath or steamy shower with your beloved (using C&M Bath & Shower Gel, of course).

Afterwards, return to the bedroom where your heavenly scented sheets are waiting and give each other a massage using C&M's Massage Creme. Make it a Valentine's to remember...or make any day a special day with C&M Couples.

Need a little chocolate in this story? Ok, pick a box of Emily's Chocolates Milk Chocolate Covered Love Fortune Cookies with messages of love and romance inside... the perfect compliment to C&M Couples!

For those of you interested in taking the moment a step further than just massage and cuddling, C&M's Create Passion line also provides tastefully presented Lubricant and the biggest, thickest moist towlettes, appropriately called Tela D'Amor, you have ever seen. Because let's face it...once someone gets up to get a washcloth, the moment is over, the connection is lost. Use Tela D'Amor to keep that wonderful feeling and connection for as long as absolutely possible.

Oh, but wait...did I mention these are paraben free & SLS free? The packaging is 100% recyclable, and the company is 100% sustainable. They are a Co-op America member, and also offer carbon free shipping. Yes, not only are they providing great products for couples, but they are doing their best to help save the planet.

The company not only works to bring couples & families together, but also makes a positive impact in peoples lives. They partner with Achievement House Inc., a non-profit agency dedicated to providing vocational and community living services for developmentally disabled adults, to assemble and package their travel sets.

So, your purchase can not only get you some great products, it can save your marriage, save the planet, and help provide employment for adults with disabilities. What other product can do all that and provide romance and passion? This stuff is priceless!

Wishing you a romantic and passionate Valentines!!!! And remember... green is the new red for Valentines!! And while you are whoopin' it up on February 14, please lift up a prayer for those in need who might not have anyone to celebrate with.


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