Saturday, March 17, 2007

Natura Bisse

Natura Bisse ( is my all time favorite skincare line! It’s expensive, but not quite at the price level of LaMer. It’s also worth every penny! This & the Kanebo line are the only lines that I’ve ever seen results on my skin w/ a week's worth of samples (admittedly, I’ve never tried LaMer).

The company is from Spain. It was 1st a research lab which researched new ingredients for the cosmetic industry. One day they realized that their workers’ hands had not aged & were very soft etc. So, they developed this skincare line around the ingredients their employees had been working with 40 hrs/week: collagen, keratin & elastin. This was before these 3 ingredients became ‘buzz words’ in the industry.
The line started as a professional line, used only in spas. Over the last few years they have expanded to retail.
This is a very exclusive line, found only in top retail locations..i.e. Bergdorf Goodman’s, Neiman Marcus, etc. I found them at Bergdorf’s. They have a lovely sales staff there & the sales manager is wonderful! They’ve also had a full time facial room there for about 2 years now. They actually do a full, professional 60-minute facial free with the purchase of 2 products (you can purchase 2 products and schedule your facial for a later date, or just make an appointment for a facial & buy your products then). Their estheticians are top quality also. I have to say the best facials I’ve ever received have been in the Natura Bisse facial room at Bergdorfs. So, while the cost of the products is a bit on the high side, anyone can get a facial here for approximately the cost of a very good facial anywhere else and walk out with products as well. That doesn’t happen at the spa…getting to walk out with full size products for about the same price, I mean).
By the way, after my 1st Natura facial, I walked out & exclaimed (to anyone who would listen..aka the sales people), “Why do I wear makeup??!! I have GORGEOUS skin!!!” All night I couldn’t stop looking at my skin in the mirror.

If I could, I would use their whole line…but my budget doesn’t permit that. In fact, I usually buy their serums & they give me ample samples of the rest (they understand my budget limitations)
They have some serums that are different from the rest of the world’s:

O2 Oxygen Complex:
NB has a whole line that revolves around oxygen. Oxygen is as important to skin cell renewal as it the rest of our body functions. The Oxygen line is based on Hydrogen Peroxide which when applied to the skin “is broken down into oxygen and water, reviving the circulatory function of the skin to restore vitality, decongest, & purify.” It also has a “bleaching effect to clarify, while progressively lightening hyperpigmentation”. I use this product because I have congestion (I’m not too acne prone, but I do have a lot of congestion…blackheads, etc. Fyi, my skin type is “dry with congestion” kind of like T-zone. I also have sensitive skin ). They say that the hydrogen peroxide goes in, breaks into the oxygen & water, and the oxygen forces out whatever is congesting my skin..brings it to the surface. I do find that I find little white heads at first when using this, as it’s bringing up the toxins to the surface. NB suggests this product for all skin types, especially for dehydrated, congested, hyperpigmented skin, lakcing vitality, or for smokers”. I believe this product sells for $110 or so
(Their O2 mask, based on the same premise, works wonders & sells for about $40-45)

Essential Shock Complex + Isoflavones:
This is an intensive anti-aging & firming treatment. I’ve been told that my main aging concerns will be sagging, not wrinkles. Why must everything sag ?? Anyway, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Back to ESC… this is a repair treatment (I use it as preventative though) to restore firmness & elasticity to mature skin. Collagen is used in products to keep skin firm, and this product has plenty of it. It’s combined with Elastin Amino Acids & Isoflavones (soy proteins). I love this serum and have never found anything else like it. It sells for about $165 or so
Hand Silk Cream :
Simply the BEST hand cream I’ve ever found (and believe me, I’m always on the quest for finding the perfect hand cream. This is the best I’ve ever found so far!). This has SPF15 & claims to be waterproof. I do feel it still on my hands after washing. I keep tubes of this in my purse, my bathroom, & on my living room table…oh, and my bed side table too! If only I was better about remembering to put it on. It sells for about $28 -$30 (admittedly, I actually buy mine from an ebay supplier for approx $12.00/ea)

Over the next few days I’ll continue with some of my other favorite Natura Bisse products, and then I’ll move on to some “more affordable” products.

Bottom line, though, is that if you can afford Natura Bisse, I highly suggest you try it!! This is my all-time favorite skin care line. By the way, if you are one of those on a limited budget (as so many of us are), the sales people are never pushy. They help you decide what is best for you (what can’t you get from another( less expensive) line, etc) and provide you with samples of other goodies.

Also, 3 times a year, Bergdorfs does a $25 gift card event in their Beauty Floor. You receive $25.00 off on any purchase of $100 or more. This is a great way to try their products also. They also do little free gift incentives for ‘phone in pre-orders’. If anyone is interested, please let me know, and I can provide you with the NB counter phone # , etc.
(Photos property of & courtesy of Natura Bisse)


Anonymous said...

hi skinwench

i've been using a few NB products (glyco peel 50%, sensitive cleansing cream, stimul-eye) & i would say that NB is the first brand that had made a noticeable difference in my skin :)

i would like to try their other products, what other products would you recommend? i have normal/dry skin. i know everyone raves about the diamond cream, but thats beyond my budget.

also, i love your tip on the free facial with 2 purchase. but, i cant seem to find any NB spas in southern california :(


Anonymous said...

Anon - try Barney's NY in Beverly Hills. They also carry NB and unlike Neiman Marcus let you use Visa and Master Card.

I have normal/oily skin and their stablizing line has made my skin less shiny.

Anonymous said...

thanks rachel!

any recommendations for any other NB moisturizer besides the diamond cream? it's a bit out of my budget.


Anonymous said...

The essential shock cream is a great alternative if you have dry skin. And they make it in a gel formula as well.

My favorites from the line are the Facial Cleansing gel with AHA's-I have normal to dry skin and it doesnt dry me out. It takes off my make-up gently and I love love love it. It is usually recommended for normal to oily but anything that exfoliates without little scrubbers are fantastic to me...
The hand silk is just the best.
The glyco extreme peel has saved me so much money on facials and expensive lasers for age spots and fine lines, It is in my opinion the most result oriented product I have ever used in home. One bottle will last half the year if used as directed so its worth the $225... Love it
And the entire oxygen line is incredible and the tensolift neck cream is also the best best best and the entire dermafill tensolift line is just incredible. The technology behind these products are like no other.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much anon!

how different is the glyco extreme peel to the 50% one? :)


Anonymous said...

I love the NB diamond gel cream & the visulift eye cream ( 110.00 but well worth the $ ) I have noticed my skin to have a beautiful glow to it and the eye cream really does work. Its puts in moisture , decreases fine lines and dark circles. Well work the $. I also love the DIAMOND DROPS .

rhinestone chickie said...

I went to the Naturas Bisse counter at Neimen Marcus at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, N.J.& asked for a sample of the +50Glycolic Peel& was told that NM is a 'high-end store' & does not give
samples. I explained that I wanted to try it before buying because I have sensitive skin & use retinol. The esthecitian offered to try it on one spot on my neck. I will go to BG in NYC and contact NM & let them know why. HOW CHEAP!!