Monday, August 20, 2007

Pat says Now!

In continuation of great products from the NY Internationals Gift Fair (and my diversion from skin care for awhile):

Pat Says Now!

"Who's Pat? And what does he want me to do now??" Those were my first thoughts when I saw this company name. And at first, I thought these products were cell phone covers (which would have been fun), but instead they are even more fun (& innovative) mice... and not the cute little grey furry type...although their velvet Heart might qualify as furry, and it's certainly cute! Perhaps Pat should have said "Click here now!"

I'm not sure how ergonomic these mice are, but they will certainly add alot of fun to your day! Imagine the Duck brightening your day after the meeting from hell or around 3 pm when you are hitting the afternoon slump.

Speaking of afternoon slump (or morning hangovers), if you need a Brain (or additional brain power), Pat's got one for you.

Gentleman, does your woman want diamonds & flowers? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone & give her the Diamond Flower . (Hurry though, it's a limited edition)

I might be a little prudish, but the Body seems almost x-rated.... it's a curvy woman's body & the left & right breasts are the click buttons . Men, just make sure that when you are with an actual woman you aren't fantasizing about your mouse. Perhaps Save the Tatas should partner with Pat for a Save the tatas body mouse! As a moderate feminist who hates discrimination, I think that if there's a female body, there should be an upside down male body where the left & right click buttons are could be called "For the Ex-Girlfriend/Wife".

And for my friend, Alpi, and all of his readers who read my blog, they've even got an Austria version.

Every funeral home employ needs the Ghost.

I personally wish they had made one covered 100% in clear or pink crystals. They could call it "I wish these were really Diamonds!" or "My day is so dull I need to brighten it up".

I'm also surprised they haven't made any in beer mugs, wine or alcohol bottles. They're also missing a monkey...wouldn't a monkey mouse brighten your day??

Pat, take heed of my suggestions: hire me for product development, I've got tons of ideas for you...

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